Web Site Planning Worksheet
Client's Name:
Email Address:
Phone Number:

1.  Type of web site: Personal home page
Commercial page
2.  Content of web site: Family photos and text
Pets photos and text
Company photos and text
Other (please specify)
3.  Will there be additional graphics furnished by the client? Yes
4.  Will there be any customized bordered backgrounds? Yes  How many?
5.  Do you have a color scheme in mind?  If so, what colors? Yes  What colors?
6.  If you do not have a color scheme in mind, do you have a favorite color? 1st Choice
2nd Choice
3rd Choice
7.  How many pages will the web site consist of? Index and site set-up required
Home Page
8.  Do you want your web site  registered with 10 major search engines? Yes
9.  Do you want maintenance on your web site subsequent to it's  completion? Yes (answer question 10)
No (skip question 10)
10.  Which maintenance plan do you prefer? Basic1
11. Additional comments or questions?
1Basic Plan:  16 hours over 12 months; up to 3 site registrations to 10 Major Search Engines
2Intermediate:  48 hours over 12 months; up to 6 site registrations to 10 Major Search Engines
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